(by Xutao Huang)
This is a tool for converting Neper generated mesh model into analytic model.Simply said, it can convert NeperFormat "xxx.obj" to "xxx.stp". It is specially prepared for CPFEM.
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This is a micro plug-in to quickly convert Neper-generated mesh models into analytical models and to facilitate the import of models prior to CPFEM. Neper is a very powerful microstructure partitioning software, and a detailed description can be found on the official website (


1. First, in neper you need to use the command "-format obj" to convert your tess file into an obj file.

2. Then, import the obj file into Rhino and use this plug-in to convert the mesh into an analytic model.

3. Finally, export the analytical model and save it as an stp file. Or, you can further modify the analysis model in Grasshopper to get the microstructure you need.

4. Neper2Rhino is located under the category "Mesh -> Analysis".

5.please add the plugin into “C:\Users\XXX\AppData\Roaming\Grasshopper\UserObjects\”

6.This plugin brings excellent weighted Voronoi divisions into grasshopper for architecturally related creations.

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