MFis Wire
(by MFis)
MFis Wire lets you create and modify 3D bond wire layouts as used in micro electronics and power electronics circuits.
free / 1200€ per year
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MFis Wire is a tool to create and modify 3D bond wire layouts of micro electronics and power electronics circuits. With MFis Wire you can:

  • Model wedge bond wires, ball bond wires and ribbons
  • Use standard Rhino commands like move, copy, mirror, rotate, array to modify the bond wire layout
  • Define rotation of bond feet
  • Adjust loop height and loop shape
  • Use polygonal cross section for efficient meshing in finite element simulations
  • Use all the power of Rhino3D. Export the geometry to many standard CAD formats or create impressive renderings of your wire bond layout.

From within the MFis Wire user interface you can activate the 15 days trial and request an extended trial of 90 days. In case you cannot activate MFis Wire because the connection to the license server is blocked, drop us an e-mail.

Educational licenses: free when mentioning MFis Wire in publications or on your web site, otherwise 400€ per year and device

Commercial yearly license: 1200€ per year and device

Project license: 400€ for 60 days on one device

License Cost:
MFis Wire 1.1.6
Rhino 6 for Win
Rhino 7 for Win