(by NooS80)
A small document management system and product data management
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Install it, run it and power up your work!
Product data management is your future.


  • Facilitates development an reduce time to market of your products.
  • Boost productivity with centralized data management.
  • Take control of your projects, improving quality.
  • Manage information with your work team.


  • Security. Store all documents in centralized secure vault.
  • Multi documents. Manage any kind of documents.
  • Cooperation. Share projects and documents with work team.
  • CAD. Fully integrated in McNeel Rhinoceros.
  • Coding. Customizable coding system to classifying each component in the better way.
  • Search. Component search by code or properties of documents.
  • Workflow. Manage project workflow and component history.
  • BOM. Know which components are used within an assembly.
  • IoT. Connect your machinery and collect data of their works.

MantaPDM is in beta version.
It's free distributed as a timed beta.
After expiry, you must update software to the latest version available to continue using it.

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