(by plaxma_y)
Lutralutra is .ghuser files for Grasshopper and Math Functional Surface Generator.
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Lutralutra is approximately NetWorkSurface generator that based on mathematical function.
And he can generate approximative Points grid, InterPCurves and GridSurfaces too.
Lutralutra includes five .ghuser compornents that are Lutra-XY, -XYa, -UV, -UVW and -STUV.
Lutra-XY and -XYa can treat function type z=F(x,y).
Lutra-UV, -UVW and -STUV can treat parametrical function type x=F(u,v,and more) y=G(u,v,and more) z=H(u,v,and more).

These compornents can NOT treat infinity and divide-by-zero, he returns Null.
Further details are included Readme.pdf.
If you enjoy with Lutra, I'm happy. Tanoshii!!

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