LutraCAD - Orthotics - Insoles
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LutraCAD is easy and intuitive software for designing insoles and orthotics based on 2D and 3D scans. Free trial possible!
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NEW: LutraCAD iPad scanner for Structure Sensor. Direct import 3D scans from the new LutraCAD iPad App to the LutraCAD Manager on your computer!

LutraCAD is a newly developed and easy to use software for designing insoles and orthotics. With its user friendly and CAD-system compatible Manager program, LutraCAD helps streamline the design process while keeping your information accessible and organized. Please visit our website to schedule a free online demonstration.


  • Online account management
  • Improved and user friendly layout
  • A Manager that helps organize client information, notes and files.
  • A personal library containing various insole and orthotic patterns. Users can easily add personal elements, patterns and even complete insoles and orthotics of their own.
  • A CAD-system with three different user levels to customize the system interface according to the user’s experience and needs. The more advanced the user level, the more functions the user will be able to influence.
  • 3D printable orthotics (solid, extrusion or a heel support block)
  • Export insoles for milling

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