Lion Fish
(by Math Whittaker)
Lion Fish is a plugin based on the Geometry Central Library
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Lion Fish is built on top of the incredible Geometry Central Library written by Nicholas Sharp at CMU. 


Lion Fish brings multiple new features to Grasshopper including but not limited to: 


Vector Fields ( All Vector Fields in Lion Fish are created on Triangular Meshes):

Automatically construct Vector Field

Deconstruct Vector Field

Curl Force for Vector Field

Vector Field Attractor Point

Vector Field Repel Point

Vector Field from Vector( Mesh Vector Transport)

3D Field Lines

Vector Field from Curve

Curve Align force for Vector Field

Tween Vector Fields

Rotate Vector Field Vectors

Scalar Extension



Geodesic Curves on Meshes.

Geodesic Distances on Meshes

Point Clouds:

Point Cloud normals.

Point Cloud Log Maps

Point Cloud Vector Transport

Point Cloud Scalar Transport



Linear Solver



Vertex Mean Curvature

Vertex Principal Curvature

Vertex Gausian Curvature

Face Gausian Curvature 


Cross Fields:

Construct Cross Field

Deconstruct Cross Field


Line Field:

Construct Line Field

Deconstruct Line Field



This is the first Version of Lion Fish so there may be some bugs, Please feel free to let me know if you find any, I also plan to extend most of the components to work on quad meshes in the near future as well as adding other components.


I would also like to say thank you to Nicholas Sharp for his patience and support when I was developing this Plugin