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LinCAM3 plugin transforms Rhino 2D geometry into cutting paths for all types of g-code based CNC machines.
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LinCAM3 Rhino6 2.5D CAM plugin

LinCAM3 plugin transforms Rhino 2D geometry into cutting paths for all types of g-code based CNC machines. Its UI is mainly focused on reducing the time spend between opening the drawing and creating the g-code file, making it useful for batch production.


1. LinCAM3 Setup: This step is intended to be done once. Create a preset for each type of material with basic CAM properties such as depth, number of passes, feed, compensation, etc. This preset is linked to a specific color and type of geometry. This is considered as a first setup and does not properly belongs to the workflow.

2. Rhino Drawing: Prepare the drawing by assigning a color to each curve depending on the desired machining job.

3. LinCAM3 Workflow:

  • Select all curves
  • Select material (preset)
  • Select machine (postprocessor)
  • Generate g-code (write .nc file)
  • Continue to next drawing...

This workflow allows to queue a list of drawings to be processed by the plugin in step three. We think this approach reduces the time in the most tedious part of the manufacturing processes and opens a door into automating them.

Color code

  • Curve closed BLUE (0,0,255) | Internal compensation
  • Curve closed RED (255,0,0) | External compensation
  • Curve closed/open GREEN (0,255,0) | Engraving over line
  • Curve closed MAGENTA (0,255,255) | Box (Super beta!)
  • Point WHITE (255,255,255) | Work zero - G54 **
  • Point Any color but white | Drill

Every other color will be ignored, feel free to make a rough selection.

** If no white point is selected the origin point of the drawing will be used as work zero. Using the white point is useful only when working with multiple cut sheets in a single file.


Currently the project is under development so we recommend you to update it frequently. It is not suitable for all types of CNC machines. It was developed for GRBL controllers such as Arduino and TinyG. It was made by the conjunction of different scripts used along the years in the workshop. So here it goes... Its use is responsibility of the end user and we are not responsible for any direct or indirect damage that this program may cause, but mainly, we hope you find it useful!

License Cost:
Rhino 6 for Win
Rhino 7 for Win
Rhino 6 for Win