(by Ed.May)
Create a Passive House PHPP energy model from your LadybugTools (V1+) model.
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The LBT2PH toolkit is a collection of Rhino and Grasshopper items which allow you to control the Passive House Planning Package (PHPP) energy model from within Rhino. This toolkit piggybacks on top of the popular toolset Ladybug Tools v1.0+ in order to allow users to create simultaneous EnergyPlus and PHPP models from a single source Rhino model. This toolset consists of many individual components for both the Rhino and Grasshopper sides which allow you to quickly and easily create and control PHPP models entirely from with the Grasshopper environment.

These tools will be useful to anyone working on Certified Passive House projects or that uses the PHPP on a regular basis.


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