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LandArchTools is an open source project designed to streamline and enhance the capabilities of Landscape Architects
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A set of tools I'm developing to make my working life easier as a Landscape Architect and hopefully make the life of others easier!

Some of these tools are Australian specific, such as the DDA ramp tool, However, any other metric based country should find these quite helpful.

Additional information can be found on my website:


Tools Include:

  • Calculate Grade
  • Show RL
  • Isolate Object Layer
  • Random Rotate Block
  • Random Drop Block
  • Draw DDA Ramp
  • Measure Height Difference
  • Move Object to RL
  • Multi Patch
  • Import, Scale and Locate Nearmaps Aerial
  • Turn Selected Object Layer Off
  • Set Perspective / Plan View
  • Rotate picture frames to face camera
  • Multi Offset Closed Curves
  • Delete/Hide selected objects outside current view
  • Truncate world coordinated drawings to rhino origin
  • Restore truncated world coordinated drawings to original world coordinate
  • Get coordinate tool
  • Line Grading
  • Block scatter
  • Tree Massing
  • Project Curves to TIN


Some of these tools only work in the context of metric users, for example grading and ramp generation use specific metric formulas that can't be applied to imperial unit systems. As I have no experience with Imperial units or more importantly working as an LA in Imperial units,  So a compatability update may or may not happen. Tools that need a specific unit system are locked until the unit system is changed to metric.