Ladybug Tools
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Ladybug Tools is a collection of open source computer applications that support environmental design and education.
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Ladybug allows you to visualize and analyze weather data in Grasshopper. This includes diagrams like the sun path, wind rose, psychrometric chart, etc., as well as studies of geometry like radiation analysis, shadow studies, and view analysis.

Honeybee connects Grasshopper3D to validated simulation engines, including EnergyPlus/OpenStudio (for building energy, HVAC sizing, thermal comfort, etc.) and Radiance (for daylighting and glare simulation).

Dragonfly enables the creation and manipulation of large-scale EnergyPlus and Radiance models by capitalizing on an abstracted 2D representation of building geometry, where all rooms are assumed to be extrusions of floor plates.

Butterfly connects Grasshopper to the OpenFOAM engine, wich can be used to run advanced computational fluid dynamic (CFD) simulations.

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