KUKA|prc - parametric robot control for Grasshopper
(by Robots in Architecture)
KUKA|prc enables you to program and simulate industrial robots directly out of a parametric modelling environment.
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KUKA|prc enables you to program industrial robots directly out of the parametric modelling environment, including a full kinematic simulation of the robot. The generated files can be executed at the KUKA robot, without requiring any additional software.

The free evaluation version allows the full simulation and code generation without. Additional features such as support for SunriseOS, external axes, G-Code import etc. are only available to members of the Association for Robots in Architecture. See www.robotsinarchitecture.org/kukaprc for an overview of the available features.


For support, examples, and tutorials, please visit the Robots in Architecture forum at http://forum.robotsinarchitecture.org and Karl Singline's YouTube channel.



We’ve created KUKA|prc with the goal of making industrial robots accessible to the creative industry.

As such, members of the Association for Robots in Architecture can use KUKA|prc for free for research and teaching – the yearly membership fee amounts to 450€. Membership extend to all staff and students so that KUKA|prc can also be installed on all private machines, not just in a lab.

KUKA|prc is also increasingly being used in industry at high-end wood fabrication companies, market leaders in the aeronautical industry, and even in nuclear reactors. For these applications, a commercial license is required.


KUKA|prc builds upon the accessible visual programming system Grasshopper, which is a part of the CAD software Rhinoceros 3D.

It provides the robotic building blocks to directly integrate a KUKA robot into a parametric environment. Instead of writing code, simple function-blocks are connected with each other and the results immediately visualized.

This feedback allows you to quickly move from the programming environment to the robot, or from design to fabrication.


We’ve put all of our combined robot experience into developing a fast and reliable robot simulator.

It helps you to quickly verify your robot program and ensure that there are no collisions or unreachable points. A graph maps all the axis movements, allowing you to spot and avoid singularities.

With the immediate feedback you can intuitively solve problems by interacting with your parametric definition and observing the results.


KUKA|prc simulates all robot positions in a short time, giving you access to e.g. all tool positions, all axis values, collision values, IO states, etc.

KUKA|prc is fully integrated into the Grasshopper ecosystem, which allows you to build upon a wide range of algorithms and utilities in your robotic project: Use Kangaroo to find a form, then optimize the toolpaths through Grasshopper’s in-built evolutionary solver Galapagos. Or utilize Hoopsnake for iteratively solving problems.


We’ve optimized KUKA|prc exclusively for KUKA robots, bringing with it a large robot library reaching from small AGILUS robots to the 1-ton payload Titan robot.

KUKA|prc even simulates the new KUKA iiwa, a seven axis robot for direct human-machine interaction.


KUKA|prc simulates even complex robot setups with up to four external axes. It can also solve the external axis position by itself, just enter the preferred distance between robot and target (for rail systems) or a 3D-vector (for rotary axes) and KUKA|prc will set the values automatically.

Define your own tools, or use the ones supplied with KUKA|prc.


KUKA|prc is built upon our own code and research. As such we can adapt it to your requirements and help you realize even highly non-standard projects.

You can get support either by eMailing robots@robotsinarchitecture.org or by visiting the support forum at forum.robotsinarchitecture.org


We hope you enjoy using KUKA|prc!

Johannes & Sigrid
Association for Robots in Architecture

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