(by Jonathon_Brearley)
Basement and Slab EnergyPlus Ground Heat Transfer Auxilary Programs and Kiva heat transfer IDF modifications (WIP) exposed in the GH parametric environment.
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Jerboa provides a set of tools that access the EnergyPlus ground heat transfer preprocesses and ground calculation tools. More detailed ground temperature and ground heat transfer methods are essential for more accurate building energy simulation, particularly in small buildings. The two preprocesses available in Jerboa are the “Slab” and “Basement” programs provided by EnergyPlus. Additionally, a workflow that edits existing IDFs to include the FC factor method objects is also included. Jerboa's primary contribution to the “Zoo” is bringing preprocess functionality and more detailed ground modeling into a parametric environment. Jerboa is designed to interface well with Ladybug Tools (Honeybee), but produces information useful in other building energy simulation software. In progress is the inclusion of the EnergyPus Kiva heat transfer objects which provide more accurate two and three-dimensional heat transfer calculations.