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Enhanced Design, Coordination & Construction through Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality
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Bringing the future into the present With Immersify!, designers, owners and builders can finally inhabit and experience not yet existing spaces, structures and building systems at a human scale and in an immersive, natural way, with a sense of presence. Our virtual reality experiences are powerful decision making tools. Our systems provide an intuitive and natural experience of the future environment that elevate the contribution of every user and enhance the effectiveness of design and coordination sessions. With Immersify!, decisions are made confidently and decisively, informed by stronger and clearer comprehension, compressing the time-line of the decision making process. Our systems enhance collaboration by enabling multiple users to remotely participate together in virtual reality design, coordination and review sessions, resulting in better designs and more coordinated projects.

Immersify! provides the ideal tools for enhanced design, coordination and decision making by:

  • Allowing designers, owners and builders to inhabit and interact with building models naturally and intuitively.
  • Leveraging existing and proven technologies, including 3D models and BIM.
  • Providing cost effective and fast to implement solutions. • Providing easy-to-use systems with a low learning curve.
  • Allowing for the documentation and tracking of review comments.