Hull Shape Assistant
(by Łukasz Michalski)
Ship hull shape modeling assistance tools.
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Hull Shape Assistant is plugin providing shape modelling assistance tools focused on design, fairing and reverse engineering hull shape created in form of editable polysurface. HSA’s geometry is composed of parts which may be surface or set of curves prepared for lofting a surface. HSA can also accept as input already existing polysurface in form of 1 part, with no specific option to modify it.


  • automatic joining and trimming of parts, according to defined limiting top, transom and/or skeg shape;
  • automatic generation of flat side and flat bottom;
  • real-time information regarding distance from reference geometry, which can be points clouds, curves, meshes, surfaces or polysurfaces;
  • real-time generation of sections, buttocks and waterlines;
  • simplified control over surface curvature and zebra analysis;
  • real-time information regarding ship hydrostatic parameters – HSA will try to fill small gaps in imperfect shape if input is non-watertight;
  • simple clipping over length;
  • simple compact panel for control of plugin functionality.

Currently HSA supports only symmetric hull shapes.

Plugin is in open beta. It works best on Windows. User Interface for macOS is not complete. 

Participation in the open beta is free but requires a license file. In order to obtain it, please contact me via email: To generate license file, I will need your computer ID generated by HSA. Plugin can be downloaded from package manager or by install link below which should open package manager in Rhino.


  • Option to choose between metric and imperial units system - currrently only metric is implemented;
  • Curvature graph for shape polysurfaces isolines - added in 0.2.8135-beta;
  • Clipping over length - added in 0.2.8135-beta;
  • Generation of hydrostatic tables;
  • Automatic comparison of generated hydrostatic tables to existing data from spreadsheet;
  • Autofairing based on minimizing of bending energy - this is huge one, I cannot promise anything;
  • Finalize user interface for macOS;
  • Command for adding recesses in hull.



  • Rhino 7 SR18 required
  • minor fixes


  • added clipping over length functionality
  • added shape isolines curvature graph for direction U or V


  • improvements in calculation of immersed volume used for calculation of hydrostatic parameters


  • fixed bugs with trim and perpendiculars position controls in user panel


  • Rhino 7 SR15 required
  • initial public release