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"Hive" is a simplified building simulation tool for early stage assessment of solar potentials, renewable energy (PV, solar thermal) and energy demand.
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Hive helps to understand performative consequences of architectural design decisions on energy efficiency, comfort, cost and emissions, without needing to bother with the many technicalities and details that come with fully fledged simulation programs. The focus lies on solar and sunpath analysis, monthly energy demand assessment for cooling, heating and electricity, as well as an integrated consideration of renewable energy system technologies, particularly building integrated Photovoltaic (BIPV). The purpose of Hive is to be accessible, easily comprehensible and fast, such that it does not hinder the creative design process but rather supports it. Therefore, most of the physics core is hidden from the user (but accessible).

Conceptually, Hive is designed as an input-output framework: The user can focus on the building design (input) and its consequences on energy performance (output), while hiding complex simulation parameters and settings from the user in a so-called simulation core. The benefit of such a software architecture is that we can use 3rd party grasshopper components in a modular way.

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Developed by the Chair of Architecture and Building Systems (A/S), ETH Zurich

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