Helix / Spiral component
(by Sam B)
Only a single component for generating a helix or a Spiral in Grasshopper.
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Created using C# as a bit of mess around to learn C# and Grasshopper plugin development. 

Some limitations if all inputs are very small values. ie can split / deform. Smallest diameter is 1 mm, it won't go lower, though is possible 1 end if a taper is used. The taper input value is multiplied by the diameter. Put input to 1.0 or don't use an input if you don't want a taper.

To make a spiral, pitch input must be 0.0. Min. pitch achievable with Helix is 0.1 mm, it won't go under & will snap to spiral at < 0.1 mm. A taper input of + or - 1.0 is needed or it will stack into circle. 

Unsure if it will work on a Mac, but is made with C# so ..

To install, place file "HelixGH.gha" in "C:\Users\UserName\AppData\Roaming\Grasshopper\Libraries"

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