Handy Tools
(by christian siebje)
Set of useful tools to draw and annotate on Rhino and Grasshopper geometries
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Who has never wanted a friendly helping Hand while documenting, creating annotation drawings, or exploring through messy grasshopper scripts?

Well, this Thing is here and it may be your third-hand Handy friend in this process. The thing can Draw, Annotate, Paint, Erase and Transform in any Rhino or Grasshopper object, with different modes and sub-features.




  • Preview selection for any Rhino or Gh geometry by activating and clicking on objects;
  • Get out of the box data structure detailing (helping find the location on the canvas of selected part);


  • Draw freehand or Interpolating points;
  • On any active Grasshopper /Rhino geometry;
  • On planes, custom planes, or on top of geometries;
  • Lock drawings on the custom axis;
  • Draw closed curved shapes ;


  • Paint any interior of planar closed drawings, or Gh/Rh geometries;


  • Place any text in the given plane/object;


  • Erase parts or entire drawings and annotations;


  • Copy and move around any active geometry with custom Gumballs (aligned to object or world coordinates);

Export Drawings

  • Export drawings and annotations in custom neat containers;

Handy slider

  • Select multiple sliders and control them simultaneously by holding CTRL + Scrolling ;


Installation / How to Use (watch the demo video for how better to use it):


Install the 5 containing files like any other plugin in the Components Folder ("Libraries") => Don't forget to check "unblock" before decompressing the files. The components will be stored in a new tab called Handy Tools.

The use is pretty straightforward: Creation options (on which geometry type / how / export / align / etc) are accessible through left-clicking in the middle of the component (DropDown menu).

When the component is enabled (preview too) and Activate set to True, just select one of the desired tools by clicking the icons. Further usage is done with a combination of clicks and keyboard keys. Don't worry, for each tool a ToolTip will be displayed on the Rhino canvas ;)



Fixes and new implementations are planned for the near future. Some already are underway, like Undo commands for all tools, improvements on serialization, Tools Bar as a floating panel, etc. Any good suggestion is welcomed!

*Note that only components that are enabled and visible will be taken to be part of the drawing operations.

*For visibility and performance, when active, all Gh custom previews are temporarily disabled.

*Only use one main component per Grasshopper document.



This is a new personal pet project under development which I found could be useful for others as well, hence it may have some bugs or UI/UX improvements to be done (therefore, use it at your own risk ). Bugs or suggestions can be reported to the provided email.

If you like this project and would want it to be further developed you can consider buying me a coffee => clicking on the link below, or the component button :)




Rhino 6.27 or higher (Windows)

*works better on Rhino 7 though

License Cost:
For instructions on installing Grasshopper Add-Ons, please see FAQ for details.
Handy Tools 0.1
Grasshopper for Rhino 6 for Win
Grasshopper for Rhino 7 for Win
Also by Christian siebje