(by David Mans)
A Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) library for Grasshopper.
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This plugin for Grasshopper makes it incredibly easy to create graphically rich SVG files, bitmaps, and canvas previews from simple geometry inputs. Just plug geometry Curves, Breps, and Meshes into the drawing component to render them to a frame. Then preview this frame in canvas, export to an SVG file or bitmap with variable resolution. Pass geometry through graphic components to add strokes, solid fills, gradient fills, and effects to layer graphics onto the geometry. Drawings are automatically centered unless a custom frame is applied and geometry can be scaled independently of stroke and fill properties for better control of the final vector or raster visualizations.

The component set can be found in the default grasshopper Display Tab under a new Graphics Panel.

This project is a derivation of the components available in Aviary (which is now retired). It is recommended to uninstall Aviary prior to using the new plugin.



  • Initial Release


  •  Object Ids are updated to be unique.
  •  Graphics are now optimized to reduce duplication, decreasing size, and increasing load time in Illustrator.


  • Added beta WIP Rhino preview component. Note: This currently has very limited capability.