(by FabUnion)
A gh-plugin for robotic arm programming.
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FUROBOT is a robot programming platform developed by Fab-Union for the construction industry.
The purpose of FUROBOT is to program on robot more easily,and convert the design into real object with little effort by using some technique packages.
Learn FUROBOT: Tutorials.

  FUROBOT  Including:

  • Simulation,generation offline program,communication(wip) of KUKA,ABB,UR and external axis
  • Check of movement
  • Math tool of quaternion,euler angles,axis-angle,matrix
  • Technique package for 3dprint+wood+wind+spatial structure
    (some component is locked in this basic version)
  • ABB&KUKA communication and control(some component is locked in this basic version)

Any comments are welcome
If you need to add new robot or external axis, can Email.

Video tutorial:
FURobot Tutorial videos in Bilibili

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