(by Geoff)
Funnel-web is a membrane simulation tool for use in artistic design.
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Funnel-web is a membrane simulation tool that facilitates diverse and complex outcomes for artistic design exploration in Grasshopper. It enables a high level of customisation by allowing any and all vertices in the simulated membrane to be either pinned in place or subjected to specific force vectors.

It is a work in progress. Planned additions to functionality include an option for automatic seaming of coincident vertices, allowing Funnel-web membrane components to properly run in parallel, and provision for input of vertices in forms other than an m by n grid. Funnel-web is not designed for engineering purposes.

Funnel-web also includes a simple force-directed graph component for graphically balanced display of nodes connected by edges.

Any use should be attributed as the following or equivalent: Kimm, Geoff. 2018. Funnel-web.

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Funnel-web v0.1 beta
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