(by ale2x72)
It should have been for GH but... spelling - froGH is a sparse collection of (in)utilities for Grasshopper - from Co-de-iT
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Ah... that should have been "for GH" but we're so lazy that we misspelt and didn't bother correcting.

froGH is a sparse collection of components born out of necessity or play in our daily Grasshopper experience at Co-de-iT. You might find them useful (or not).

NOTE: no warranty or support is given so use it at your own risk and understanding (but know that we use it too... so it shouldn't explode at least). If you mess things up using froGH, you're on your own.

On the other hand, if you have any ideas on how to improve things (or you found a bug), please let us know at info[at] - and feel free to improve upon it yourself, but play nice and give proper attribution (see license).

Install via the Package Manager, download example files from the link below, check the Website URL for the source code and the changelog.

License Cost: