Free Jewels
(by seppeldue)
A set of tools for creating jewellery within Rhino 6 & 7
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A set of tools for creating jewellery within Rhino6 and Rhino7 for Windows and MacOS

I moved future updates for MacOS to the "Package Manager" inside Rhino.
Make sure to FIRST delete the old plugin folder before installing the new version via "Package Manager".
(old Plugin folder: /Users/"yourusername"/Library/Application Support/McNeel/Rhinoceros/MacPlugIns/FreeJewels)

Updated to 1.0.2 for Windows as of March 2021

So far there are the following commands:
FJ_PaveSet                (Place circles on a surface. Now with hotkeys "WASD" for size and offset!(not for MacOs))
FJ_PaveDrill               (Insert drills into the cicles created with FJ_PaveSet. !Block instance. Explode befor using for boolean!)
FJ_PaveStone            (Insert brillant cut stone meshes into the cicles created with FJ_PaveSet. !Block instance!)
FJ_OrientObjectsOnSurface (Orient objects as block instaces on a surface and rotate/relocate the instances while keeping normal alignment)
FJ_Report                  (Calculate object weights of different materials. Needs materials from the FJ_Mat command)
FJ_GemMaker            (Create differnt stone cut meshes)
FJ_MirrorCurve          (Create mirror curves)
FJ_IterativeBoolDif    (Iterative Boolean Difference. Failed and successful booleans get droped on new layers. Works with Block instances.)
FJ_IterativeBoolUn    (Iterative Boolean Union. Failed and successful booleans get droped on new layers. Works with Block instances.)
FJ_Expand                 (Expand (position scale) objects in space. 3D/2D/1D.)
FJ_Mat                       (A selection of materials for Rhino renderer and the FJ_Report command)
FJ_ChainMaker          (Create chains from one object and a curve)
FJ_IterativeOffset      (Offset multiple curves)
FJ_CurveToCircle       (Turns curves into circles)
FJ_CenterPoint          (Places a point in the center of all selected objects)
FJ_NumberObjects    (Places a number with all selected objects and groups both)
FJ_ScaleEach             (Scales each selected object from its own center. Works on brep sub select)
FJ_Multipipe              (Create multiple pipes with multiple diameters)
FJ_PaveOnLine          (Create circles on one or between two curves on a surface)

To install download the .zip file (Windows), extract and read the ReadMe file.
You can report bugs and/or suggestions for new/improved commands to .
This is a WIP and has no warranty whatsoever :)
Project Icon: Photo by Joshua Fuller on Unsplash
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