Framing Helper
(by D-W)
A tool that allows user to easily use and match camera frames to the most common framing and composition rules.
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The Framing Helper consists of two commands and a well-prepared toolbar that provides ease of use.

  • FH - Framing Helper command which allows high appearance customization of displayed composition rules
  • HUDStatistics - Heads Up Display that allows keeping track of polygon, triangle, vertex and object count in scene

Known issues:

+Rhinoceros 5:
     -Mass deletion of block instances through BlockManager does not update HUD Statistics, otherwise it would hang entire Rhino.

+Rhinoceros 6:
     -Framing Helper flickering during dynamic display.
     -HUDStatistics are messed up due to hidden nested objects.

     -When selected object attribute (for eg. custom render mesh) is changed HUD Statistics cannot keep track of changes due to missing pieces in Rhino event handling and messes up numbers.

Toggling HUD will show proper numbers at least at first occurrence on screen, so if numbers feel wrong just toggle.

License Cost:
Framing Helper 1.0
Rhino 5 for Win
Rhino 6 for Win
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