Force Density Method
(by o.cabitza)
Grasshopper component for Force Density Method
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I made this component to apply the Force Density Method (FDM) algorythm inside Grasshopper.

The Force Density Method (aka the Stuttgart direct approach) can be used to find the equilibrium solution for a cable net or a shell discretized through bar elements. The component requires as input:

  • the initial geometry and the restraints;
  • the loads;
  • the force densities (the ratios between the tension or compression force in a segment and its lenght).

The following video is a simple demonstration of the component usage

For more information about the FDM and other form finding methods please see "Shell Structures for Architecture: Form Finding and Optimization" by S. Adriaenssens, P. Block, D. Veenendaal and C. Williams. The chapter about the Force Density Method by K. Linkwitz was very helpful for the development of this component.

Please let me know if you use it. Thank you.