Fly for Rhino
(by Yutzin)
Fly around the Rhino viewport from a first-person perspective. Like a video game, use WASD to move and the mouse to look around.
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‘Fly for Rhino’ offers an alternative method for exploring the Rhino viewport, inspired by video games and game engine viewport navigation. Fly around your 3d models from a first person perspective or walk through architectural models.

This plugin is currently only available for Windows.


This is the first release of this experimental plugin. There may be bugs which have the potential to crash Rhino. Please save your files regularly while using this plugin. As an independent developer, I have a limited capacity to help resolve issues. If you are having problems, the best thing you can do is comment on this page or send me an email with detailed information about the issue and I will do my best to help or improve the plugin.


Hold the Right Mouse Button (RMB) on the ‘Fly for Rhino’ panel to activate Fly mode.

While holding the RMB:

- move the Mouse Cursor to change the camera direction

- use the Mouse Scroll Wheel to change the speed

- use any combination of the following keys to move around:


W = move forward

A = move left

S = move backward

D = move right


Q = move down

E = move up


SHIFT = increase speed by ‘Fast factor’

CTRL = decrease speed by ‘Slow factor’


You can also ‘walk’ by locking the height of movement with the ‘Lock Height’ checkbox.



Method 1:

Drag and drop the downloaded file on to the Rhino viewport.

Method 2:

Type the command ‘Plugin Manager’ in Rhino. Click “Install…” and browse for the downloaded file.

After installing the plugin, activate the ‘Fly’ panel in panel settings.



Fly for Rhino V1.0 - November 9, 2019

  • First release. Please report any bugs that you experience.
License Cost:
FlyForRhino Version 1.0
Rhino 5 for Win