(by Ehsan.S)
Flexibility.Gh plugin  development  for SubD Mesh Nurbs , Curve,...
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, ...Flexibility.Gh plugin  development  for SubD, Mesh ,Nurbs , Curve

many components  advance  of   (Rhino command )in grasshopper

(for exmple (Subd Bridge )(SubD inset ,......

Advance Blend ,fillet ,connect and  Chamfer Curve Surface,...

for install plugin :

  1.  you must  Updade Your Rhino to  Rhino 7.18.22124.3001 win/mac-(or Higher versions) - to use this plugin»»»
  2.  first Right-click  on File and select Properties  then Click UnBlock(if seems  it)»»
  3. Than  paste { Flexibilitygh.gha }file in C:\Users\User\AppData\Roaming\Grasshopper\Libraries» 
  4. other ways :
  5.  you  can install this plugin in Rhino7 package manager also  

thanks for:

 David Rutten for aide and sharing  code for Curve Preview in McNeel forum@ 

and @mahdiyar for All suggestions  and Help

and @Lasath for aide to Corner Point crease in subd code

And Thanks for  ( https://discourse.mcneel.com)