(by Hojoong Chung)
Grasshopper interface for Google Firebase using standard HTTP requests
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Firehopper is a Grasshopper add-in that interacts with Google Firebase using standard HTTP requests such as GET, PUT, PATCH, POST, and DELETE. User can simply request a PUT to store JSON style data in Google Firebase, PATCH to modify, POST to incrementally save data, DELETE to delete, and reqeust GET to fetch the data. This component will be updated further to support different functionality supported by Google Firebase. For further details about how to use this add-in, please visit below websites:


  • Create Google Firebase account for free. Visit Google Firebase to create an account and to create new project.
  • Retrieve DB URL and API Key. After creating the account and the project, you can get the 'apiKey' and 'databaseURL' information from 'Project Overview' section in the Firebase console.
  • Download firehopper to the Grasshopper's library folder

Development Environment:

  • Microsoft Visual Studio Community 2017 Version 15.5.0
  • Rhino Version 5 SR14 64-bit
  • Grasshopper Build 0.9.0076

Dependancies (run-time version):

  • Grasshopper.dll (v4.0.30319)
  • System.Net.Http.dll (v4.0.30319)
License Cost: