FEM-Design API Toolbox
(by Strusoft)
FEM-Design 3D Structure API Toolbox.
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Compatible with FEM-Design 3D Structure only (20,21 or 22 depending on version of plug-in)

Toolbox to communicate with FEM-Design through StruXML allowing its users to create parametric models, run iterative analyses and create automated workflows.

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The open-source repository for this project can be found here: https://github.com/strusoft/femdesign-api

This toolbox contains a plentyfull of functions to:

  • Create FEM-Design objects (bars, shells, covers, loads, supports, reinforcement etc.),
  • Append objects to FEM-Design models,
  • Run analysis,
  • Run design calculations (RC-design, Steel-design, Timber-design),
  • Export results,
  • Export documentation


Place the Grasshopper assembly file (FemDesign.Grasshopper.gha) and dynamic-link library file (FemDesign.Core.dll)  in your Grasshopper components folder (...\Rhino 6\Plug-ins\Grasshopper\Components\). Make sure that you unblock the the file by right-clicking on it going to Properties>General>Unblock. If the file is not unblocked an error message will be prompted in Rhino when loading Grasshopper.


MIT (https://github.com/strusoft/femdesign-api/blob/grasshopper/LICENSE)


This package and related documentation is for illustrative and educational purposes and may not interact with FEM-Design in a reliable way depending on your version, installation and content of the files. Furthermore, Strusoft won´t guarantee full support of the package.

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