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FELIX Render for Rhinoceros 3D
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FELIX Render is a clever cloud-based rendering software for architects and designers.
It offers superior rendering quality, its performance is almost completely hardware-independent, offers rich collaborative material and object libraries, wonderful tools to quickly populate your designs with furniture and vegetation, the comfort of a 100% non-destructive workflow and fantastic lighting tools. It can handle huge projects from an old laptop. It's very affordable and since the cloud is based on sharing hardware resources, it's also environmentally friendly. It's over with the race for the latest video card. 

But be warned, FELIX is a standalone application, so rendering does not happen within the Rhino application. But you will soon appreciate two things about this fact:

1) Your Rhino file will be kept as light as possible, without all the trees, furniture objects, textures, and so on, which means your Rhino workflow will be kept agile, which is important because you'll be able to improve the design of your project with ease. 

2) You will appreciate the unique tools that FELIX offers to manage extremely complex projects with millions of trees, tons of furniture, cars and textures and so on without loosing the control of your project.

That said, if you're looking for quality and simplicity FELIX is definitely what you're looking for.