Eyecad VR - Virtual Reality Architecture
(by eyecad VR)
This app allows you to import your scene inside eyecad VR with just a click and create awesome still images and ArchViz walk in a few seconds.
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PLEASE NOTE: Download and install the Trial version of Eyecad VR software before installing this extension!

Eyecad VR is a visualization software powered by Real-time Rendering technology.



Eyecad VR Softwares allows you to create fantastic, Interactive VR scenes for you and your customers. Use Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, WMR or explore with your monitor and keyboards/pad. You can also share your projects with your customers through the new Eyecad 360 Tool that allows to create 360 panorama interactive tours via web-link.



- Import your 3D models

- Create realistic materials and make them interactive (choose your combination)

- Set the environment and verify the sunlight to show how it works in your project (day/night)

- Create amazing 3D landscapes for your projects

- Make everything interactive and movable

- GO TO VR on HTC VIVE, OCULUS RIFT, WMR, Monitor or cardboard.

- Real-time walk-through


FREE 15 DAYS TRIAL ON :https://www.eyecadvr.com


ENJOY Real-time rendering and VR... It's easy :)


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