(by Luke.Niwranski)
3D to 2D digital patterning.
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ExactFlat for Rhino 3D extends the capabilities of Rhino 3D to create 2D flat surfaces from 3D CAD models. It is unique because:

  • It solves the problem of generating flat patterns from complex 3D shapes.
  • It works within the same user environment as Rhino 3D.
  • It’s fast and cost effective.

For manufacturers in automotive, aerospace, marine, apparel, and furniture working with fabrics, ExactFlat for Rhino helps bring innovative products to market faster.

If you're using 3D CAD and you need to create 2D flat patterns for the cutting table, ExactFlat is the fastest, most accurate and simple way to do it. For manufacturers working with industrial fabrics, the common workflow to flatten a 3D CAD model includes 8 steps that can take up to 2-4 weeks to complete.