EasyJewels3D ver 2
(by EasyJewels3D)
EasyJewels3D V2 offers a wide range of instruments especially suited to jewellery designers with special focus on using the construction history.
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EasyJewels3D version 2 offers a wide range of instruments especially suited to jewellery expert designers with focus on using and expands the Rhino construction history.

The simplicity with which from now on a designer can change a polysurface without having to reposition the gems or prongs on it will save time both during formal research that in the model definition.

Increased sweep, Complex series, orientate and move stones, draw.... all on polysurface surface or mesh!

Edit your creations, easily refine the positions of oriented objects.

Discover the benefits of a modeling with augmented construction history

Instruments such as the creation and orientation of advanced gems and prongs, the creation of holes, the determination of the weights of the objects metal or stone, have been accompanied also by innovative tools or general utility.

Create hinged joints is now possible with a single command, create mirrored curves on planes, surfaces and polysurfaces has become simple.

We thought a new system for importation of images in 1: 1 called PootPrints.

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it is Available in English,French,Spanish,German,Italian.

In order to test the functionality of our product we have made available a computer with a version of Rhinoceros3D and EasyJewels3D which can be accessed online via a  remote control software,otherwise you can try directly at home with a trial usbkey .See order details for more info.
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