Droid - 3d Print Slicer and Path Plotter
(by ytsebastian)
3D printing related Library including model Slicing, Custom paths and G-code generation from desktop machines to 6 DOF Robots using FFF Technology.
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Open Source codebase: https://github.com/steox/droid

Droid is a 3D printing related Grasshopper Plug-in Library add-on, with control over model Slicing, Custom paths and Gcode generation.
Designed to be used from small desktop 3d Printers, up to large scale Robotic Fabricators using FFF technologies and running from Gcode.
Available to be used to prepare and print models in a 'Plug and Play' style with Droid components, or in a more controlled and experimental manner with Custom input and output print paths.

Droid allows control over conventional Slicing features such as infill, shell thickness and caps, within the Rhino and Grasshopper environment. In addition, output and editing of paths is also available once models are sliced into the Rhino and Grasshopper workspace, allowing full control and analysis to the user.
Custom or edited paths then can be input back into Droid for Gcode preparation and generation.

This should work with most major firmwares (Marlin, Repetier, RepRap, etc) and Gcode Reader. If you use a firmware and encounter any problems related to Gcode, let me know.

Droid Components are Multi-Thread enabled, and may use all your processors resources during calculations.

1. Download Droid.gha
2. Right-Click file and go to Properties. Make sure the file is "Unblocked"
3. Locate your 'Components Folders' by 'File > Special Folders > Components Folder' in Grasshopper or "C:\Users\'NAME'\AppData\Roaming\Grasshopper\Libraries"
4. Move Droid.gha into folder, restart Rhino and Grasshopper (Important to fully close Rhino)


v1.0.2 - Precision default lowered from 1024 to 128.
v1.1.1 - Fixed Paths Component. Update recommended.
v1.1.2 - Updated Footer component to take Z Height Parameter. Minor Path Component tweaks.
v1.1.3 - Added Retraction parameters. Minor bug fixes.
v2.0.1 - Major Update. Built with Rhino 6 / grasshopper 2.0 libraries. Rewritten components for better memory performance. Added Flowrate parameter. Rewritten Algorithms from 3d printing tests.
v2.0.2 - Added Print information output, Multi-object support, separate cap parameters
v2.0.3 - Changed Fan Parameter
v2.0.4 - Fixed Shell Generation bug
v2.0.5 - Changed GCode generation type to 64 bit numbers for accommodate large scale 3d printing
v2.0.6 - Fixed Bottom cap generation bug when Top cap is set to 0
v2.0.7 - Rebuilt with Grasshopper SDK version 0.9.76 to support Rhino 5
v2.0.8 - Added Path Export Component

License Cost:
For instructions on installing Grasshopper Add-Ons, please see FAQ for details.
Grasshopper Plugin - Droid v2.0.8
Grasshopper for Rhino 4 & 5 for Win
Grasshopper for Rhino 6 for Win
Grasshopper for Rhino 5 Mac
Grasshopper for Rhino 6 Mac
Droid Example Templates for v2.0.3
Grasshopper for Rhino 4 & 5 for Win
Grasshopper for Rhino 6 for Win
Grasshopper for Rhino 5 Mac