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Lattice design toolbox
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Digitalis 3d aims to facilitate digital design of intricate lattice structures with controlled local and global properties. It supports smart and flexible automatic generation of 3d lattices with finely tuned local structural, mechanical and porosity properties. From built-in interactions with IntraLattice, Karamba and Abaqus to instantaneous porosity measures, digitalis provides a toolbox for evidence-based structural optimisation.

Digitalis 3d builds on the open source Grasshopper plugin IntraLattice. It is currently work in progress open for all to test. Tutorial videos and material are available below.

Tutorial 1: Lattice generation
Automatically generate a lattice structure with tailored topology and export the definition for later manipulation. The functionalities used in this tutorial build on and extend specific features of the IntraLattice plugin. 

Tutorial 2: Finite Element model generation
Create a beam/shell finite element model with digitalis 3d. Translate into Karamba and Abaqus models.

Tutorial 3: Structural optimisation
Optimise a lattice structure to reach a target deformation under specified loading using either Karamba or Abaqus Finite Element solvers.

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