Diagrams For Grasshopper
(by Tom Norris)
Diagrams for Grasshopper is an open-source plugin for Grasshopper to allow the creation of easy, repeatable diagrams from Grasshopper.
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There are two main goals with this project:

There are times when we don't want to leave the grasshopper canvas to see information that may be generated inside a complex component. In this scenario having an image drawn on canvas can reveal information that otherwise would need to be displayed within the Rhino viewport which can add clutter and waste time finding the display. 

The second is to enable repeatable diagrams within the Rhino World Space which is useful when creating reports and layouts. For Example, you can build a custom chart using the diagram components, which can be used and reused as required.

The project is open-source and is split into two parts, the first is this Grasshopper Plugin. The Second is a library that contains all the logic and developers are encouraged to use the library in their own projects to create diagrams which then can be visualised using the Rhino and Canvas components of this plugin. 

Diagrams for Grasshopper is in Beta, undergoing continued development. Whilst it is stable, we do not recommend it for live projects just yet!  Feedback, and bug reports are greatly appreciated as are any feature requests. 

To install add both the DiagramsForGrasshopper.gha and the DiagramsLibrary.dll to the Grasshopper Plugin Folders.

The Components can be found in the Display Tab!


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Diagrams for Grasshopper
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