DEBB: Architectural Skin / Facades in minutes
(by SEEDstudio)
DENVELOPS® & STUDIO SEED have developed DEBB, a free Grasshopper plugin for double skin architectural facades and cladding.
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DEBB plugin & Examples
DENVELOPS® and STUDIO SEED have developed DEBB, a free Grasshopper plugin for double skin architectural facades and cladding, based on the DENVELOPS® construction system. It can be used both for sunscreens, ventilated facades, pergolas, false ceilings, subdivisions in internal spaces, retail, and for everything that your imagination takes you. 

On this web "Denvelops Architectural Skin", you can find posts, view more images about facades with DEBBplugin, and download the new version 0.6 with new components. In Food4Rhino, only are the first version 0.5.

It is a set of components, some created under a parametric vision and others generative, where, starting from the design of the finished piece, thousands of different “patterns” can be generated, either by playing with the ratio of fills and voids or by applying color, even with direct transfer of pixel-piece images. With these tools, you will be able to create complete facades in a very short time, with which, you will be able to spend more time on the creative solution of the project.

It is a parametric - generative expert system designed to connect to other plugins with BAM methodology and BIM tools, to expand with various components developed by the community and by us. We will be creating new tools in the future.
Anyone interested in learning how to use, develop or modify these specialized tools in double skin architectural facades and coatings can contact us from this form:

We will send you an email with the download link of the DEBB plugin, the documentation of the DENVELOPS construction system, with the course in Generative Ways so that you can learn to use it (currently only in Spanish) and direct contact with us for any questions you may have. You can also quickly download some components from this Foof4Rhino website.

Denvelops® is based on a highly competitive industrialized system developed according to the “Lean Construction” philosophy. Its main advantages are its ease of transport, its quick installation and its high capacity for customization 4.0.

For more information on the DENVELOPS® construction system visit or contact

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DEBB ver 0.5
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