day 1 bim Tools
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day 1 bim Tools is a set  of conceptual massing and programming tools for architects
from 195€ (annual subscription) to 295€ (permanent license) free for students
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day 1 bim Tools is a set  of conceptual massing and programming tools for architects, which allows the user to quickly develop a project concept model and extract fundamental project information.  The concept model developed can be used for simulations and representations.  With grasshopper based connections, the geometry can be linked forward to generate native elements in a BIM environment.  It’s a flexible model that is ready to visualize in minutes and easy to modify.
day 1 bim Tools is not about making conceiving architecture “easy”. It’s about making BIM elegant.
It let’s you work directly, intuitively refining the 3D model.  The script manages the data and live updates.

day 1 bim Tools is free for students… and very reasonably priced for commercial use

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From a simple arrangement of forms in solid and void, rapidly generate powerful project data, for building mass and program. It’s  a quick start to begin to develop concept forms to visualize and elaborate your idea.  It uses fundamental skills manipulating geometry in Rhino. And, takes advantage of many available, but often little known, Rhino tools that are advantageous for architecture projects.  It leverages Grasshopper to manage and update the geometry and data.  It works within Grasshopper in the “natural” way, helping users new to algorithmic environments understand the logic of its function.  It also accesses many common tools for, linking data, generating representations, annotations and export geometry. 

From elemental formal inputs detailed and precise data is derived to inform your project.  The base geometry generated can be passed directly to drawings and fabrication data on day 1.

The Killer Functions:

  • 3d conceptual architectural project development from simple masses; in minutes, with all the fundamental project data you need.
  • Programming just by drawing simple boundaries. Two different methods are available which suit different project types. Draw the movable boundaries of program spaces, or sub-divide levels with cut-lines.
  • Visualize the project and the data: Visualization styles and color cycles are at your control for whatever best suites your project needs. 
  • Structure : Draw the structural grid lines, get the total length of structural elements, beams & columns.  The center line geometry is ready to go directly to FEA and to generate native elements in BIM.
  • Generate and Export: to BIM, simulation tools, fabrication data and performa……….

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day 1 bim Tools : Is created by figureForward 

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day 1 bim Tools Tab & Component List 

-Mass Data

-Program Element
-Program By Level
-Program Data


-Elevation Tags Utility
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