Custom Hatch Maker v2
(by Pau Natividad)
This plugin allows you to create a hatch pattern (*.pat file) from a Rhino drawing.
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This plugin allows you to create a hatch pattern (*.pat file) from a Rhino drawing.

Plugin installation:
1. Rhino Options, Plugins, Install..., browse and select CustomHatchMaker2.rhp, Open, OK.

Creating the custom hatch pattern with the plugin:
1. Draw the hatch pattern inside a 1x1 square in the XY plane with its lower left corner at the origin. Use only points and simple lines.
2. Type "CustomHatchMaker2" and all valid points and lines within the 1x1 square will be selected automatically. This selection takes into account the absolute tolerance defined by the user.
3. Choose the hatch resolution from 1 to 1000. If the chosen resolution is 100, for example, the coordinates of all points and all start and end points of the lines will snap to a 100x100 resolution grid inside the 1x1 square . So a point with coordinates (0.305, 0.962, 0.000) will become (0.31, 0.96, 0.00).
4. Choose the folder and save the *.pat file.

Importing the custom hatch pattern into Rhino:
1. Document Properties, Hatch, Import..., browse and select the *.pat file, OK, OK.
2. You can now use your new custom hatch. Rhino allows different options: base point, rotation, and scale.

Be careful using too many points and lines or setting the resolution too high, because the hatch could fail, especially if the area is very large. This issue is due to limitations of the pat format.

In this version a bug has been fixed, but there could be more. So let me know if it works ( Enjoy it!

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Custom Hatch Maker v.2
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