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Professional parametric jewelry software for Rhino 7 & 8, with more than 100 tools for Rhino and Grasshopper to design complex models in a very easy and fast way.
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CrossGems by CrossBytes is a professional 3D jewelry software for Rhino 7, Rhino 8 and Grasshopper, that allows you to design any complex model easily and quickly without having technical CAD knowledge.
Our goal is to take advantage of parametric design without the need to learn traditional parametric trees, creating a powerful modeler that can be used by anyone.



All objects are linked in real time to automatically adapt when edited, allowing you to delete or modify Boolean operations or any of the 100+ CrossGems tools and keeping the parametric history in all cases. Additionally, this feature is applicable to Rhino gumballs, allowing you to reset transformations (move, scale, and rotate) applied to model parts and restoring deleted document objects at any time, including SubD objects and Meshes while maintaining compatibility with Rhino's Record History function.
It can also be used as a traditional modeler without the parametric system, adding the modeled objects as normal Rhino geometry.
For the most advanced users all the tools available in Rhino are also available in Grasshopper, making it one of the most versatile software in the Rhino world.


CrossGems can be run with its own interface, simplifying the workflow, and as a Rhino plugin while keeping all the parametric features for users used to Rhino UI. The Command History Panel available in both Rhino and CrossGems UI, is the visible part of this system that allows the user to interact with and manage all the components of the model.


It also includes a render material library with over 300 materials and grounds for the integrated physics-based render Cycles.
Materials and grounds are assigned with a single click, displaying the object weights in real-time while using any tool or simply by selecting objects in the document, furthermore CrossGems will automatically swap materials when changing display modes to achieve the best quality for every situation.


CrossGems is capable of importing and converting gems from other software such as RhinoGold and Matrix, as well as importing Panther files while maintaining 100% parametric history.


Our background goes back to the origins of RhinoGold, we have always been moved by a passion for design, developing from RhinoGold 3 to RhinoGold 6.5 for more than 10 years until finally the company was acquired by a multinational, at which point we decided to create Panther 3D the world's first parametric jewelry software from Rhino and Grasshopper, CrossGems is its evolution in every respect.
Throughout all these years we have learned thanks to listening to users and we can say that we have built a program with jewelers and for jewelers within the reach of anyone and we intend to continue doing so, so if you have any request, doubt or suggestion feel free to email us at or Contact Us and let us know.

Check out our YouTube Channel to quickly discover all the tools and possibilities of CrossGems.

Let's Design!

The CrossGems Team


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