(by crayon)
Sketching tool for Rhino.
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Draw, annotate, or markup directly on the model or layouts!

  • Draw on Everything: Draw over the view, cplane, layouts, or onto the model’s geometry.
  • Modelling Tool: Bake brush strokes and use them for modelling or guides.
  • Perspective Guide: Perspective Snaps to draw easily in 3d.
  • Fast Colouring: Live HSV colour picker or sample colours from the screen.
  • Faster Named Views: Capture views as jpgs with a click, then load the jpg to restore the camera’s position.
  • Parametric: Includes a grasshopper plugin to add parametric effects in real time.

See the quickstart guide for a description of commands.

NOTE: This is the trial version. The trial version is watermarked, and brushstrokes cannot be baked. Visit to purchase the full version.

*Compatible with Rhino 6 and 7 for Windows.

**Works with a mouse or wacom. Not yet tested with other tablets or touch screen devices. 

***Crayon for Grasshopper requires Crayon for Rhino.