(by KaiSuto)
Crane is a Grasshopper plugin to design origami products. This software focuses on design, rigid folding simulation, form-finding, and fabrication.
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Crane is a Grasshopper plugin to design origami products.

Designing foldable products with rigid folding motion is difficult for designers, architects, and researchers who are not origami experts. Crane is a powerful tool for not only such people but also origami experts. This software focuses on design, rigid folding simulation, form-finding, and fabrication for origami. Because Crane Solver is a hard constraint solver, it can precisely simulate a rigid folding motion and form-finding with geometrical constraints like Freeform Origami [1][2].

Kai Suto (Origami Lab/Tachi LabNature Architects Inc.)
Kotaro Tanimichi (Nature Architects Inc.)

How to Install Crane:
- Using PackageManager (Rhino7 only)
1. Open Rhino7
2. Type "PackageManager" as RhinoCommand
3. Search Crane and install it.
4. Then play some example files that can be downloaded from this page.
- Manual install (Rhino6 and Rhino7)
1. Download from Crane_ver1.0
2. "Unblock" (for more detail, please check "Troubleshooting".) and unzip it.
3. Open the Library folder and paste all files in "Crane_1_0/ver_1_0/Libraries" into it.
4. Open the UserObjects folder and paste all files in "Crane_1_0/ver_1_0/UserObjects" into it.
5. Then play some example file at "Crane_1_0/ver_1_0/Examples".

How to use Crane:
1. Create an initial origami crease pattern using tessellation components or manual drawing.
2. Simulate the rigid folding motion using the crane solver.
3. Find the form that satisfies given geometrical constraints using the crane solver and constraint components.
4. Generate cutting lines or solids for a CNC, a laser cutter, or a 3d printer using fabrication components.

External Libraries:
1. MathNet.Numerics for linear algebra operations
2. OpenCvSharp for treating row image of crease patterns

If you have a missing components problem, please check the below.
1. Check whether you unblocked the "" before unzipping it.
2. Right-click and select "properties", then uncheck the "Unblock" check box.
3. Then you can reinstall Crane and it will work well.

Crane is a proprietary software provided under the following license.
1. The user allowed to use the software if and only if both of the following conditions are satisfied.
    * (Non-Commercial Use): The use of the software is non-commercial.
    * (Attribution): The resulting works achieved using the software, e.g. research publications, exhibitions, education workshops, etc. acknowledge the usage of the software and our names(Kai Suto, Kotaro Tanimichi)
2. Any other type of usage, e.g., commercial use, is by default prohibited. For this type of usage, please contact:

The developers were supported by "the Mitou IT talent scout and development project" for the development of this software.
We would like to express our very great appreciation to Tomohiro Tachi for teaching the principle of rigid-folding/form-finding simulations and providing machine tools.
We would like to thank Yuta Shimoda for providing the design of the foldable chair.

[1] Tomohiro Tachi, "Freeform Origami",
[2] Tomohiro Tachi, "Freeform Variations of Origami", in Proceedings of The 14th International Conference on Geometry and Graphics (ICGG 2010), Kyoto, Japan, pp. 273--274, August 5-9, 2010.

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