Clayoo Freeform & Organic Modeling
(by mpalacios)
Clayoo is a 3D freeform and organic modeling plugin with three technologies in one (SubD, Emboss and Sculpt) and 100% compatible with Grasshopper.
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Welcome to Clayoo, the 3D freeform and organic modeling plugin for Rhinoceros 5 and 6. Clayoo offers three different technologies in one: SubD, Embossing, and Sculpting tools. Also, it's 100% compatible with Grasshopper.

All you need to master the organic world.

› Clayoo SubD
Similar to modeling with clay, SubD allows you to create organic designs, however complex, with this easy to use, NURBS and T-Splines compatible tools.

› Clayoo Emboss
Use our Emboss technology to design in 2D, create vectors and do 3D relief modeling. Add texture and emboss your piece while creating a digital relief for a stunning 3D profile model directly from curves.

› Clayoo Sculpt
Clayoo Sculpt includes easy to use brush tools to digitally sculpt within the Rhinoceros interface.

› Clayoo components for Grasshopper
Clayoo components are 100% compatible with Grasshopper.

You can watch all Clayoo tutorials and marketing videos on our Youtube channel.

If you need to contact directly with us, please, don’t hesitate to contact at or calling us at +34 937 547 774.

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