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One slicing software, any 3D concrete printer. CHYSEL 8 is the industry solution for flexible concrete printing design. Enjoy all of Chysel’s benefits for €1500 per year.
€1500 per year
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CHYSEL 8 slicing software makes printing preparation easy and efficient — even for beginners. Use CHYSEL 8.0 to customize design outputs and save files in any 3D printing format. More information : download the user manual.

If you would like to take advantage of a 14-day free Chysel license, please email your request to They will assist you with obtaining your Chysel license.

One word: compatibility (With Rhino 7)
Whether you’re brand new to concrete printing or coming with experience, Chysel 8.0 makes your job easier. In addition to its many design benefits, Chysel 8.0 works with the tools you have. Export designs in four format for any 3D printer:

  • .sys
  • .json
  • .gcode
  • .matlab

Do you need another export format? Please contact our support department ( and we will help you further.

Enjoy all of Chysel’s benefits and services for €1500 per year.

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Chysel 8.0
Rhino 7 for Win