Real-time analysis for architecture and urban planning. 
Automate design workflow with instant calculations and Excel® synchronization.
89€ with 30-day free trial
Support Email lets users automate the design process on an architectural and urban scale. It evaluates geometry in real-time to inform about indices and statistics of the project.

Chameleon analyzes geometry to output plenty of urban, architectural, environmental and economic information about designed buildings and surroundings. All calculations are performed in real-time to inform users immediately. The data is presented in three ways: directly in the 3D model, as graphs and tables in Rhino® panels and as a synchronized Excel® worksheet. Finally, Chameleon allows importing of Geographic Information System (GIS) models for further analysis. Create custom functions for buildings and various types of greenery, car park, bike park, solar panels, farms, trees and more. See the explainer video here.

Key features:

  • Buildings analysis (outputs statistical information, see below)
  • Surroundings analysis (outputs statistical information, see below)
  • Excel® Live Synchronization for immediate worksheet update on every design change
  • Geographic Information System (GIS) importer to Rhino®
  • Real-time updated graphs and tables
  • Set design goals and follow accomplishment
  • Friendly workflow

It is programmed to achieve high performance on various design scales. Software performance tested on:

  • small scale model (1-10 buildings)
  • large scale model (11-100 buildings)
  • city-scale model (101 - 3000+ buildings)

Building analysis. Create or import any type of 3D geometry and let Chameleon analyze accordingly to specifications:

  • The maximum amount of floors
  • Gross Floor Area (GFA)
  • Floor Rentable Area (FRA)
  • Floor Space Index (FSI)
  • Buildings Coverage Ratio (BCR)
  • Number of workers/residents/students
  • Number of apartments
  • Construction cost and sales income
  • Car parking lot count needed
  • Bike parking lot count needed
  • and more

Surroundings analysis. Create or import 3D geometry to analyse:

  • Car parking lots efficiency
  • Bike parking lots efficiency
  • Greenery statistics
  • Trees and CO2 consumption statistics
  • Farm food production analysis
  • Solar panels statistics
  • and more

Find more information at and sign up for a free 30-days trial version.

LAN ZOO Installation

  • Run ZooAdmin and make sure the LAN Zoo licensing service has stopped.
  • Copy content of this ZIP to the lan Zoo’s plugin folder (i.e. C:\Program Files\Zoo 7\Plugins).
  • Restart the Zoo license service.
  • When the service has restarted, click the Add License button. should be one of the available products for which to add a license.


Chameleon Team


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Chameleon_tools 2.0.7
Real-time analysis for architecture and urban planning.
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LAN Zoo plug-in
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