Commands in ChainTools toolkit use an innovative approach to make trimming and splitting operations in Rhino easier and more controllable.
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ChainTools consists of two commands: ChainTrim and ChainSplit. In ChainTrim you interactively build a set (chain) of trimming curves on an object to be finally trimmed. When picking the curves, you have control of how the trimming chain will look like, which intersections, edges or curves it will include. The command checks and warns if there is no continuity between the curves or to an edge of the trimmed object. It also allow you to extend the curves on the trimmed surface. ChainSplit works similarly, the only difference is that all parts of the splitted object remain.

To use ChainTools commands, simply type "ChainTrim" or "ChainSplit" in the command line. You can also use buttons in a dedicated toolbar that will appear in Rhino when the plug-in is installed.

The plug-in available in food4rhino is in demo mode, it is limited to 7 uses per Rhino session,
and also it changes layers of the affected objects.
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See also videos available below.

Some of release notes:

version, date 24-01-2021
    - first issue

version  date 27-11-2021
    -  Doccurves detection improved, matched/demo plug-in version introduced
version date 29-11-2021
    - Minor update

version date 2-01-2022
    - Minor update, versions matched and demo
version date 13-01-2022
    - Update in doccurves detection, matched/demo version

version date 19-01-2022
    - Update in comp ID generation

License Cost:
Rhino 6 for Win
Rhino 7 for Win