Cardinal LCA
(by Cardinal LCA)
Cardinal LCA is an early-stage plug-in for Grasshopper to analyze the environmental impacts (GWP) caused by material decisions for any building.
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Please cite us if you use this software: 
Chen, J., Kharbanda, K., Loganathan, H. (2021). Cardinal LCA v0.0.1

The current trial version focuses on stages A1-A3 and analyzes the embodied impacts (Global Warming Potential, kgCO2e) using the EC3 and ICE 2019 database.

Main features of Cardinal LCA v0.0.1:

  1. Calculates GWP for early-stage design specifically focused on the structure and façade elements.
  2. Integrates EC3(US) and ICE 2019(UK) databases.
  3. Dropdown menu for easy selection & use.
  4. Easy to visualize – via 2D graphs and 3D mesh mapping for high to low GWP value of building elements.
  5. Flexibility to add your custom EPD for analysis.
  6. Example files are available for download.

Future development:

  1.  Bug fixes and more ease of use.
  2. Integration of other EPD databases.
  3. Visualization with more graphs.

Known issues:

  1. Installing Issue: If the plugin does not show up in the Gh tab, go to Rhino and type in _GrasshopperDeveloperSettings. Enable the Memory load *.GHA assemblies using COFF byte arrays. Add the folder with the component files here. 
  2. Due to lack of internet connectivity, sometimes the Material Selection components might not send request and shows “Failed to login. Please search again.”
  3. Bugs with Legend component.


  1. Jessica(Shi Yu) Chen
  2. Kritika Kharbanda
  3. Hariprasath Loganathan
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