CAALA for Rhino
(by CAALA GmbH)
Your digital assistant for holistic design. CAALA is the first plugin for energetic, ecological and economical building optimization.
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The CAALA software is a comprehensive tool for energetic pre-dimensioning and life cycle assessment.

CAALA calculates both the energy requirements for the operation of a building and the production, replacement and disposal of building materials in the early design phases. The complete life cycle analysis is shown in clear diagrams to give a holistic overview of the building's performance.

Key Features

  • CAALA calculates the energy requirement on the basis of DIN V 18599. Compliance with guidelines such as the Energy Saving Ordinance (EnEV) and the EEWärmeG as well as the achievement of KfW efficiency house standards is estimated in real time.
  • By integrating CAALA in SketchUp and Rhino, a building model can be created in a few minutes. CAALA not only offers you more security in planning, but also saves a lot of time.
  • The CAALA database is constantly updated so that the latest components and materials are always available. We are also happy to import your own EPDs that cannot be found in ÖKOBAUDAT and create specific components for you.
  • The life cycle assessment of the entire building is calculated in the background in real time. On the basis of DIN EN 15978, the primary energy demand and environmental impacts through the manufacture, exchange, disposal and recycling of the materials are analyzed.
  • With CAALA, variants can be created and compared in a matter of seconds. Building designs can thus be optimized efficiently without additional effort. The graphic output makes it easier to communicate your design decisions to your clients.


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CAALA for Rhino
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