BPSimulation Weather File Tools
(by hamedsangin)
Access and manage weather data for simulations with BPSimulation Weather File Tools. Features include Iranian Province-City Lookup, EPW File Downloader, and BHRC Weather File.
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BPSimulation Weather File Tools is a Grasshopper plugin that simplifies the process of accessing and managing weather data for urban and environmental simulations. This plugin provides worldwide access to EPW ITMY files, especially for users who cannot access the BHRC website, and offers easy access to all weather files based on province and city. Key features include:

Iranian Province-City Lookup:

Easily input an Iranian province name and receive a comprehensive list of cities within that province.

Ideal for geographical data analysis and urban planning projects.

EPW File Downloader:

Download EPW weather files from a specified URL and extract them directly to your PC.

Simply provide the city name, and the plugin will find and save the correct EPW file for you.

Supports international users with an intuitive interface for quick access to weather data.

BHRC Weather Files Downloader:

Access and download weather files from the BHRC website, even if you are outside of Iran.

Trigger the download with a simple boolean toggle and save the files to your preferred location on your PC.

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BPSimulation Weather File Tools V0.2
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