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(by wucl12)
A new plugin enhances origin block edit (also nested groups). And provides more block edit related functions.
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A new block edit tool to replace origin block edit pluggin.

Also Support Group, and nested blocks in group. You can undo freely with nested blocks.

Main New Features:

  • Double click to open (nested sub-blocks can also be double-click open continuously)
  • Double click blank space to save and close (nested block can also be closed by double click blank layer to layer)
  • Support non-uniformed scaled blocks edit
  • Switch mode of Hide or Lock objects outside current block
  • Remove objects in blocks
  • Same Editing mode support Groups and nested groups

Others Features:

  • Show buttons near block and easy to click
  • Unique a block (apply after save)
  • Change block name (apply after save)
  • Change block origin with other same instances not moving. (apply after save)
  • Use commands to support aliases as costomized short cuts
  • Mark same instances in parent
  • Customize esc \ button level and other settings. 

Enhanced Rhino Commands:

  • Disable/ Enable menu
  • Disable group
  • Open Customize Settings
  • Unique multiple blocks 
  • Convert groups include nested
  • Convert blocks include nested
  • Convert selected objects to blocks
  • Change all block content into one layer
  • Reset scale of one block
  • Make each layer into one block
  • Create block with CPlane as block basis
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