(by Bleemsys)
Fast calculation of the mechanical responses of the lattice structrue in additive manufacturing
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BleemCube front end is the Grasshopper plugin of the BleemCube Web API. Our web API calculate the mechanical responses of the selected lattice structure. The tool aims to help designer to quickly define the initial concepts and accelerate the development process.  

BleemCube front end and its backend Web API are at the beta stage of development. You may visit for latest updates and more details. User may request the free token through email: for accessing the software. We recommend using the BleemCube with Crystallon (, or any other tools that may be used for lattice geometric handling. OS system requires Windows 10 build 17063 or above. For early windows build, curl tool is required to be installed before using the plugin. You may check the installation by typing "curl" in the cmd window. 

The license of this plugin is not applied to the backend Web API. 

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